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What’s the best survey for you in Zap?

Best Surveys for You

Earn with the best surveys for you! These crisp surveys are a mix of the highest rewards as well as the best opportunities according to your profile!

Best Match Surveys

Earn reliably with Best Match Surveys. These have the highest chance to match with your profile.

High Value Surveys

Earn the highest rewards with High Value Surveys. However, these surveys may take longer to complete and might not match your profile.

Daily Cash/Surveys

Earn everyday with Daily Cash! Maximize your earnings by taking your once-a-day boosted Daily Survey and check-in for some additional cash!

Short Surveys

No time to fill out a long survey? Short surveys are a curated list of 5 minute surveys for you to earn with!

How Zap Surveys works in 4 Easy Steps


Sign Up & Earn

Sign up easily via Google, Facebook, Apple, or your email and earn $2.00 by taking the Welcome Survey!


Take Surveys & Earn


Win Zappers Rewards & Earn


Cash Out Your Earnings

See What Zappers Have to Say About Zap Surveys

See What Zappers Have to i Say About Zap i Surveys

Zap Is Where It's At.

As an avid survey taker with active accounts on more than 3 dozen surveys sites & apps I'm starting to consider myself an expert at rating the quality & integrity of survey companies, that said Zap is one of the better ones.


Best Paid Surveys.

I've been taking surveys in a lot of apps and websites and none of them pay better than the ones in Zap Surveys. I have great surveys that pay me every day and I've noticed it keeps improving overtime. This is my #1 survey app by far.


Reliable and easy.

The easiest app to earn money on hands down - not even close.


Made $245.90. Wow - just WOW!!!

Zap literally pays me FREE MONEY for taking surveys and scanning. So far I’ve earned $245.90 IN REAL MONEY!!


Great app that really pays!

If you’re booking for an app where you can make money then you have come to the right place.


Zapper Are Cashing Out Using Their Favorite Methods



Ross cashed out $64.90 with Paypal!

I took me a couple weeks taking surveys every day to make $64.90 and the cash out process was very easy and super fast! I love this app!!!l


Jessica cashed out $32.54 with Amazon!

I was able to cash out $32.54 with Amazon after installing the app a week ago. Cashing out was easy and they even gave me bonus $ after cashing out!


Emma cashed out $235.00 with Visa!

I’ve been using Zap Survey for 2 months now and I just received my $235 right in time for holiday shopping! I mostly earned taking my daily survey every day, claiming my zapper’s rewards and referrals.


Chris cashed out $43.98 with Paypal!

It took my less than 2 weeks to make over $43 and cashing out was fast and easy! Zap always had surveys for me and I was able to earn at my pace.


Sophia cashed out $50.00 with Nike!

Cashing out was easy and Zap even gave me a $3 discount on my $50 Nike giftcard! I mostly earn with surveys and referrals and it added up quicker than expected!



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